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The Little Prince
This year, “Vienna’s English theatre school tours“ staged the play
The Little Prince
by Sean
Aita. It is freely adapted from the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
The Little Prince decides to go on a trip through space because he feels lonely at home on the
tiny Asteroid called B 612. Even though there is a beautiful rose living with him on his
asteroid, he is not happy because it’s not always easy with his rose, who is a bit of a diva. So
he leaves home in the hope of finding a friend. On his search for someone to be his friend, he
stops on several planets and meets a lot of interesting but strange people: a king without any
subjects, a pop star with only one fan (herself!), a businessman wanting to buy and own all
stars in the sky, a Geography professor who has never been outside, and a very busy air traffic
controller. One can say that each of them lives on their own planet.
When he arrives on the planet Earth, he meets Flygirl, a pilot whose plane crashed in
the middle of the desert and who has been stuck there ever since. At first, he just wants her to
draw him a sheep, but being together in the desert, he ends up telling her his story. And there
is Foxy, a homeless person, who teaches the Little Prince about trust, without which there
cannot be any friendship.
Also, the Little Prince realises something about his rose at home: “I saw a field full of
roses that looked just like my rose. But there’s one very important difference between my rose
and them: My rose is special, because she’s the one I found, spoke to, and have a bond with. I
need to go home to her” (p. 26).
In order to return to his home asteroid he trusts a snake to help him get back. Flygirl is
sad about the Little Prince leaving the Earth, but what still remains is the hope that they will
meet again. Six years after his departure, Flygirl is training to be an astronaut so that she can
visit the Little Prince on his asteroid one day.
It was a great performance with fantastic actors, music and a lot of fun and action. In addition,
the story teaches each of us one essential thing, namely that “[t]he most important things in
life can’t be seen with your eyes” (p. 25).

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